Why Bodrum

Why Bodrum

Life in the streets of Bodrum starts just before sundown, with the sounds emitted by the returning daily excursion boats and by the clapping wings of the birds returning to the castle for the night. 

People enjoy their traditional sundowners while watching the famous sunset of Bodrum. Unfortunately the coastline on the south of the peninsula is not the best place to enjoy the wonderful colors created by the of the setting sun. Turgutreis, Gümüşlük and Yalıkavak to the west of the peninsula are the best places to enjoy the cocktails and beverages while watching the sun descending over the sea, painting the sea and the horizon in all sorts of variations and colors. People, greeting the night in Bodrum town, may consider themselves lucky in other ways. 

From Bodrum town, one might not be able to see the western horizon and the sunset over the sea, but they will enjoy the changes brought by the approaching night. The rising shadows of the typical Bodrum houses, all painted in the traditional white, the hills, the castle, the golden reflections of the sun in their windows and the lights being turned on one by one as night sets in.  The energy provided by the iodine rich air turns day into night and night into day. The bustling nightlife of Bodrum can be enjoyed in the Marina with its yacht club the many restaurants, pubs and bars along the harbor and the famous bar street of Bodrum …

Best view over Bodrum castle, the harbor and the sea including Cos Island is presented from the antique amphitheater with its unique ambience on the hills behind Bodrum.  While walking slowly down to Bodrum from the amphitheater, one enters the tranquil environment of the town. Kids playing happily, people of Bodrum enjoying their traditional tea, beer or the national drink raki in their open gardens or just in front of their houses after a day's work.

The streets of Bodrum start filling with guests and locals on their way to the promenade by the sea side. Many tea houses, cafes, bars in the busy harbor are the destination of locals and tourists alike. An aperitif cocktail or drink of desire, including exotic local drinks like raki (lion milk) are offered to the quests. As it is Turkish tradition, dinners can last many hours in the restaurants of Bodrum. Away from all stress and worries, guests enjoy the food offered in a wide variety; either traditional Turkish or international cuisine to choose from.  Dinner starts usually with the famous starters called "meze", accompanied by the local drink raki and ends with a dessert of desire. Little sips of raki are taken as the night goes on until the first rays of the rising sun bring the day back to town......

Many shops and boutiques are open all night. Shopping in the night can also be very rewarding. Leaving the heath of the day behind and after a couple of leisurely enjoyed drinks a shop keeper or vendor might be in the mood to give a better offer for the last deal, just before business closes.  Bodrum has possibly more Bars than any other venue in Turkey. Drinks to match all tastes and liking are offered in these bars.  Cafes by the sea side with a warm atmosphere, the illuminated castle dominating the scenery of the bay and the harbor, the liveliness of the streets and bars echoing the sound of contemporary music are like a remedy for the tired soul. 

Some of the clubs offer live traditional folk or jazz music. Some Hotels and taverns organize Turkish nights with live Turkish music, belly dancers accompanied by traditional instruments. Promenading the streets of Bodrum is also one of the favorite pastimes at night. To see and to be seen is the goal of many locals and tourists, who undertake this leisure stroll through the lively streets of Bodrum by night. A coffee here, a drink there, meeting friends and even going for a swim at night....

Boat trips in the moon light away from the bright lights of the city bring you to sheltered coves, away from the bright lights of the town, where you can see the starlit sky and the milky way in all its beauty. One of the best locations for watching the stars is the black island (Karaada) just off the coast of Bodrum. Here you can also explore the inside of a hot water cave in candle light with friends.

People, who still have energy left, can enjoy the rest of the night in one of Bodrum's famous discotheques. Most of them are open until the first lights of the next morning. Traditionally, many of the locals believe in the regenerating and soothing powers of a late night soup before going home to bed after a day well spent......

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