Why Yalıkavak

Why Yalıkavak

Yalıkavak is on the north west shore of the peninsula, only 18 kilometers from Bodrum. On your journey to Yalıkavak, you are welcomed by the historic wind mills, the symbols of Yalıkavak and the magnificent view over the bay and coastline.  Being an important center for sponge diving and the birth place of many famous sponge divers, Yalıkavak has come to be one of the most popular places for tourism, yachting , holiday resorts and homes.  Unique natural features of Yalıkavak, like beautiful coves, beaches, distinguished establishments of tourism, beach clubs and restaurants as well as the modern marina with its mega yachts from all over the world, make Yalıkavak very attractive as a touristic destination and living area. Being the last marina before the bays of Güllük and Mandalya, makes the marina a popular stop for many yachtsmen and sailors, who come to this excellent sailing area year after year. The beauty of the coastline, many sheltered coves and bays with natural beaches and moderate winds for sailing, are legendary.

The village of Geriş, to the south of Yalıkavak is also a remarkable place worth a visit for its magnificent views of the surrounding nature and the blue Aegean sea with its pristine waters. Many possibilities for nature lovers and trekkers, many designated walking routes take you to the natural forests and forgotten villages of the past, like the ancient village of Sandima on the hills of Yalıkavak......

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